Woosmap Geolocation API released!

Woosmap Geolocation API can provide the location of your users thanks to IP address of their devices.

geolocation-api Woosmap Geolocation API Documentation

:arrow_left: Response

The Response is a formated JSON containing the keys: country_code, country_name, continent, city, region_state, latitude, longitude, accuracy and viewport.

latitude and longitude values are approximate latitude and longitude of the geographical area associated with the IP address.

:dart: Accuracy

The API Response provide an approximate accuracy radius, in kilometers, around the latitude and longitude associated with the IP address.

Please note that Woosmap Geolocation API is more accurate for broadband IP :computer: addresses and less accurate for cellular networks :iphone:.

However, it is close to 100% accurate on a country level.

Here is a Blog Post to enlighten the technical approach we took and the potential use cases for Woosmap Geolocation API.