Announcing Woosmap Map JS API 🌎

Woosmap Map JS API is a client-side JavaScript library for building web maps and web applications.

The API features a new worldwide basemap dynamically rendered on the client using WebGL by combining vector tiles with style rules.

The Woosmap map datasets include streets, buildings, administrative areas, water, and land data based on a combination of proprietary Woosmap data and Open Data projects including OpenStreetMap and Natural Earth.

On top of this vector-based background map, the API offers an overlay layer dedicated to display your assets. To ensure maximum readability and navigation, your data are displayed combining tiled images and markers.

  • Tiled images are useful to render large amount of assets or high store density. This view makes the map displayed faster and provide a clean view.
  • Markers are relevant to render branded pictogram after a specified level of zoom (breakpoint).

To go further and understand how to control the map experience using Woosmap Map JS API, please read the documentation, guides and API Reference on the developers doc website.

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