Store Locator JS API - Distance code snippet function

I have looked at our documentation for API 1.4 of Store Locator JS API and cant find a suitable function for retrieving driving distance and time in the documentation.

Would you be able to provide a code snippet, to update stores with data from Distance API, similar to this function in does?

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For now, the Woosmap Store Locator JS API does not include features from Woosmap Distance API. But you can query the Distance API by yourself.

I’ve updated the JS Store Locator sample app to compute distance from a location (search from a user or geolocation) to a list of nearby stores, using the /distancematrix/endpoint from Woosmap Distance API.

Here you can have a look at the full code:

Below is the XHR call.

let destinations = => {
     return store.geometry.coordinates[1] + "," + store.geometry.coordinates[0]
     url: '',
     type: 'GET',
     dataType: 'json',
     data: {
        origins: mapView.get('location').lat + "," + mapView.get('location').lng,
        destinations: destinations.join("|"),
        units: 'metric',
        mode: 'driving',
        language: 'en',
        elements: 'duration_distance',
        key: 'woos-XXX'
     success: function (response) {
        if (response.status === "OK") {
          /*get your distance and duration values here*/

and the results displayed with distance value and duration.

We’ve also written a tutorial to help you build your own store locator :

Thanks for joining us!

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