How to upload your Stores?

If you haven’t created a project yet, before all else, follow this get started tutorial.

Woosmap Data API only accepts JSON as input. Whether your stores come from a JSON, a CSV file, an Excel file, or any online spreadsheet such as Google Sheet, you’ll need to process the data before posting the converted assets (cf. supported data structure) to Woosmap platform.

To help fulfill this requirement, we’ve published a suite of tutorials on our community website along with this Github repository: data management python samples.

Import Files

Guides to parse your source Assets from various file format and convert them to the Woosmap required structure.

Import Native Woosmap JSON

Woosmap has a native JSON data structure.
Once generated such a JSON file of your Assets, you can use a user-friendly dashboard, the Woosmap Console to push them, or make an HTTP POST request on Woosmap Data API.

woosmapjson_logoImport Native Woosmap JSON

Import a CSV File

In this Python tutorial you will learn how to parse a CSV file (Comma Separated Values) using unicodecsv library, convert your Assets to Woosmap required structure and import them using POST method of Woosmap Data API.

csv_logoImport CSV File

Import an Excel File (.xlsx)

How to convert and import your Assets from an Excel File using the openpyxl library.

xlsx_logoImport XLSX File

App Connection

Guides to connect your source Assets from an external service and convert them to the Woosmap required structure.

Connect from Google Sheet

Python script to connect to Google Sheets using OAuth 2.0, get your Assets from a private spreadsheet accessible with your authorized account, convert and import them to Woosmap.

google_sheet_logoConnect Google Sheet

Connect from your Google My Business Account

Connect to Google My Business using OAuth 2.0, call the Google API to get the data from your authorized account, convert and import them to Woosmap.

google_mybusiness_logoConnect Google My Business

Connect from Google Places

Connect to Google Places API using a Google API Key, query the desired locations, convert and import them to Woosmap.

google_places_logoConnect Google Places