How long does it take a typical Store Locator Widget (SLW) implementation?

Hi. In a typical implementation with some hundreds of stores with information about address, opening hours, services, and the ability to filter by types of stores, what’s the typical effort in days for the implementation?

Hello @kvelaz, thanks for joining the Woosmap Community.
The biggest effort involves adapting your data structure to what is expected.

Once hosted on Woosmap Platform, your stores can easily be displayed using the Woosmap Store Locator Widget (SLW). First, you’ll need to allow the domain names where you want to integrate the widget.

And then you can simply copy and paste the following snippet on your website.

<div id="store-locator" style="height:500px; width:100%"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
    const loadStoreLocator = () => {
        const webapp = new WebApp('store-locator', 'YOUR_PUBLIC_API_KEY');
        const isMobile = document.querySelector('body').clientWidth < 900;

If you want to add filtering capabilities based on your types or tags, or define any other custom parameters, please refer to the SLW full configuration documentation page:

To answer to your original question, once your data is uploaded, I would say it can take one to two days to put a functional Store Locator Widget on your website.