How to estimate the Woosmap Platform Credits Usage?

There is clearly no one answer to this question. You’ll need to take account of several criteria that affect the usage such as the number of users or the implemented features.

With the Woosmap Platform, you application’s requests for APIs consume Woosmap APIs Credits, which you purchase annually. The following example show you how to estimate annual Woosmap APIs Credits consumption for an advanced store locator integration involving the whole Woosmap Platform.

Consider the following to estimate your credits consumption:

  • Your user experience
  • Which APIs are you using
  • Your assets management
  • How often your integration of Woosmap is used

With this information, you can estimate the number of credits your application will consume annually.

Sample Store Locator

Let’s estimate the credits consumption for the following Store Locator:

User experience

Your visitors can use the store locator on your web site to find up to 15 of the nearest stores from a specific location. The visitor enters their current location or any other starting point locality. As the visitor begins typing in the starting point, the application automatically displays a list of matching localities. When the visitor selects a locality from the list, the map displays markers for 15 of the nearest stores from that place. The visitor can then click a marker or select a store on the side panel to see the details about it, including the address and hours of operation (from the Woosmap stores database), the distance and time to the store, and any attributes you associated with it (amenities or user rating for example)

Woosmap APIs used

API Features provided
Woosmap Store Locator JS API Displays the map and your stores
Woosmap Data API Host your stores data on Woosmap Platform and retrieve them
Woosmap Search API Query the stores nearby a given location or with specific attributes
Woosmap Localities API Search and Autocompletion on localities
Woosmap Distance API Compute travel distance and time from a location to the stores
Woosmap Geolocation API Provide the location of your users

Assets management

Here are a few details that affect your usage estimation:

  • You have 1000 stores worldwide.
  • You push your 1000 stores locations once every 10 days, with scheduled cron calling Woosmap Data API.

Visitors usage

You estimate 3,000 daily visits to the store locator: approximately 1,500 visits on the web site and 1,500 visits on mobile devices. For each visit, you estimate that:

  • A visitor types an average of 5 characters to find their starting point.
  • A visitor searches for 1 starting point and selects 1 starting point.
  • A visitor clicks an average of 2 markers to view the store details.
  • One in five visitors use geolocation as the starting point.
  • One in ten visitors filters the stores by attributes.

Calculation of Woosmap APIs Credits


API Usage
Woosmap Store Locator JS API 1 map load × 3,000 visitors × 1 credit = 3,000 credits

Total Mapping: 3,000 credits per day × 365 days = 1,095,000 credits needed per year

Web service APIs usage

API Usage
Woosmap Search API (1 nearby search + 0,1 filter) × 3,000 visitors × 0.1 credit = 330 credits
Woosmap Geolocation API 0,5 geolocation × 3,000 visitors × 0.4 credit = 600 credits
Woosmap Distance API 1 distance matrix computed × 3,000 visitors × 0.5 credit = 1,500 credits

Total Web service: 330 + 600 + 1,500 = 2,430 credits per day × 365 days = 886,950 credits per year

Autocomplete Localities

API Usage
Woosmap Localities API 1 search × 5 characters per search × .4 credits = 2 × 3,000 visitors = 6,000 credits

Total Localities: 6000 credits per day × 365 days = 2,190,000 credits per year

Data Management (update of your stores every 10 days)

API Usage
Woosmap Data API 1,000 stores x 2 credit = 2000 credits every 10 days = 200 credits per day

Total Data Management: 200 credits per day × 365 days = 73,000 credits per year

Annual Woosmap APIs Credits required

1,095,000 credits for mappping + 886,950 credits for web service + 2,190,000 credits for autocomplete on localities + 73,000 credits for data management = 4,244,950 credits.

We released a little app to help you calculate the amount of Woosmap API Credits required, annually, based on your daily estimation.
The app supports querystring parameters so you can share estimations with url. For the previous estimation, here is the result:

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