Automatic POI synchronization

how I can effectively set up an automatic synchronization procedure for all my POIs (shops), using an external system (or file) as source (ie: from my systems to Woosmap)?

Is it also possible to do the opposite (ie: from Woosmap to my systems)?

Thanks in advance!

Using the Woosmap Data Management API (REST integration), this is possible to create or modify the POIs (assets) hosted in the Woosmap platform in a automatic mode (massive or punctual), starting from an external database (eg: csv file, xlsx, or any other format).

Some examples of upload modules are freely downloadable from the Woosmap Github repository, available at this address. This background information should guide you in your technical assessments and locate the most appropriate solution for your needs.

The other way (from Woosmap to an other system) can also be implemented through the Woosmap Search API (REST integration). This API will let you retrieve the POIs (massively or filtered according to the criteria you need to apply), which will be returned in JSON format.