Searching Assets having Certain Facilities

Using Woosmap Store Locator solution, can we do a customized search " Show me assets(bank branches/ATMs) in Location X having facilities like Gold Loan, Home Loan etc.

Hello Jatin,
Yes you can combine a local search with filtering capabilities based on types and tags fields - or any custom userProperties fields you attached to the assets data.

The following sample which displays coffee shops implements the woosmap.maps.DataSource.searchStoresByParameters() method from Woosmap JS Store Locator API to achieve this.

The Store Locator Widget also lets you combine local search and filtering in a more easy way.

Please note that usually we talk about nearby search - with a radius and a max returned assets.
But you can also search for assets in a given zone area. I recommend to take a look at this blog post to get more information.