Does Woosmap API Support Apartment Numbers?

I’m using the Woosmap API for my project. Does the API support apartment numbers or floor details within addresses?

Hi @rf_dev,
May I ask for which country would you like to perform address search?

The Woosmap Localities API provides address autocomplete and address lookup in UK.
If you search for "Flat 1, PL4 0BJ", the API will return the correct address "Flat 1, Pinnacle Quay, 4 Harbour Avenue, Plymouth, PL4 0BJ" along with the location.
In the same way, if you search for a specific postal code, for example PL4 0BJ, Plymouth, the API will return all addresses attached to this postal code (all flats in this building). No floor details are returned.

Accessing UK addresses through Localities API, to benefit from multi-residence and not-yet-built addresses, requires a specific product activation.
Please contact our Support Team to get it activated for your Organization.

I am doing the search for Spain… Spain supports multi-residence or is it on the roadmap? Thanks :smiley:

The Localities API provides address autocomplete and geocode capabilities almost all over the world but the multi-residence search is only available in UK. There are no plans at present to extend the coverage of this feature for Spain.

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