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Hello and welcome. Join the Community to ask for advice, gain insight, and like posts to share the love with other Woosmap users.

Please feel free to introduce yourself and tell everyone more about how you use Woosmap.

Hey :wave:

I’m Gaël, I work in developer relations at Woosmap. I’m really happy we got this forum to better know and feed our community.

I focus on developers relation by publishing content on our developers documentation , writing articles on our blog and building several hacks and tutorials using the Woosmap APIs.

I’m currently working with the Product Team in Montpellier :sunny:.

Please share any idea you could have to improve Woosmap!

Hi :slight_smile:

I’m Vern and my role is Pre-Sales in the Customer Service team. I’ve been at WGS for over 2yrs now and my day to day involves helping customers with all their maps technical enquiries.

Great to have this forum to share the knowledge!

Hi dear Woosmaper,
Very glad to meet you, I am Sophie from Customer Care team !
My role is to share with you the best practices when it comes to the world of Location Services products.
Looking forward to speak with you, do not hesitate to open a new topic discussion :blush:

Hello ! :blush:

I am Nithya from the Customer Care team of Web Geo Services and I will be happy to share with you how you can improve the use of our Woosmap APIs!

Hope to hear from you soon in this forum!